Understanding VBDepend Analysis Inputs

This short document clarifies from where VBDepend analysis takes its inputs.
The VBDepend need to parse the source files, and the code source could be referenced from the following inputs:

  • VB6 projects (vbg and vbp files),
  • Microsoft Excel,
  • Microsoft Word,
  • Microsoft Access.
In case of Microsoft office files, VBDepend parse all the VBA code inside them. And it's better to have all the libraries referenced by the projects in your disk, VBDepend will parse them also list all the external dependencies used.

And to give your projects to VBDepend, you can use one of the following three options:
  • Browse: To give your project from the explorer.
  • Add Projects in Folder: This facility permits to give many projects and solutions from directories (recursively or not), to avoid giving manually each project.